Google Apps has potential to change your businesses

When you have live data in front you, easily accessible, you are in better position to take business decissions. Google Sheets is one of the best tool for that. It will also automate your day to day routine tasks using Scripts and triggers.

What I Do

Understand the need of Client and solve them using Google Spreadsheet and Google Apps Script


To show the summary of raw data based on date, person or other fields.

Work flow

To complete a task from by recording and reporting the required steps.

Data Cleaning

Applying pre-defined logic to convert raw data into desired readable format.

API Integration

Connecting to 3rd party tools for pushing or pulling of data points.

Auto Reporting

System that automatically emails the report at a set frequency.

Data Structure

Find the best way to store data based on business requirement.

Why Work with Me

Experience of working with 130+ Companies

I fell in love with Google Spreadsheet and G-Suit Products in Early 2014 and since then got opportunity to consult all kind of companies, in all kind of industries, ranging from Customer Care to Short Term Rentals. Companies with 5 employees to companies with 500 Employees. With every completed project, my knowledge and passion for Google Spreadsheets, kept growing. Quality is one thing on which I never compromise. My target is to delievr you more than your expectation.

With clients in 18 different countries, I understand the work culture and technical capabilities of users at different level. Google Sheet gives all the flexibility to design the work flow as per the requirement. From my experience, I can vouch for the fact that if you have a complicated business flow, then Google Spreadsheet is the best tool to make the system efficient.

Shahbaz Haidar

Helping the Community to Grow

We grow when our community grow. To achieve this aim, I am dedicated to help different segments, getting aware of Google Spreadsheet and other G-Suit Products.

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