Here are few Examples

Facebook Marketing Data in Google Spreadsheet

Analytics is the most important thing when it comes to marketing and sales. And what can be a better tool than Google Spreadsheet for analysis. But the data is in facebook, and you need to manually export them and paste them back in Google sheet. Not now. With this tool, you can get any marketing data from your facebook acocunt to a google spreadsheet with just a click of button. It can also be fetched day wise or between date ranges.

Two-way sync between Xero and Google Spreadsheet

Xero being one of the most used invoicing tool, when combined with Google spreadsheet, creates wonder. With a click of a button, you can fetch all invoices from xero to Google sheet and with a click of a button, you can cvreate invoice in Xero from data present in Google Sheet. There can be other automations too like sending automated daily reports of revenue or invoices created etc. This uses no third party tool, and is created completely within the Google Spreadsheet using Apps script.

Creating Trello Card from Google Spreadsheet

Trello is one of the most used project management tool. If you have some data stored in Google Spreadsheet, you dont need to manually create card in trello. It can be automatically done, using API of trello. Another use of this is when you dont want to give access of Trello to everyone, but everyone should be able to create a card, then create a Google Form, that will have the required fields. Whenever the form is filled, automatically a card gets created with all data in the form, in the desired board of Trello.

Connecting Pipedrive and Google Spreadsheet

Pipedrive has a very extensive API with option to do almost everything that is done manually. When Pipedrive is connected to Google Spreadsheet, the easy of using the CRM gets enhanced. For example, you can have a form on your website, and when some one submits that form, the user can be automatically created in the pipedrive, saving maunal time. When you have many leads and you want to do analysis, or generate daily report, Connecting Google SPreadsheet with Pipedrive using Apps script is very handy.

Dropbox file details in Google Spreadsheet

When your Dropbox is heavily cluttered, it is better to get the file details in Google Spreadsheet and analyse which files are useless and which one are useful. Another good use of this is when you ask multiple persons to upload certain file and you want to check who uploaded what and if there is some one who has not uploaded, getting all files data with Date of addition, size and other details can be of great help. You can also create a system to transfer file form Google Drive to Dropbox or vice versa.

Whatsglide Reports in Google Spreadsheet

Whatsglide or Glide, is a time tracking software that takes care of assigned task. When you want to fetch data from it, you have option to download CSV, or to save time, create a system that will get all data in Google Spreadsheet in just a click. We can also have a system where particular data points are imported, calculated and emailed to concerned person automatically on set frequency. Even assigning tasks becomes very easy after connecting Glide with Google Sheet using Google Apps Script and Glide's API.

Live Data from website using IMPORTXML

Live data like share prices, score, or weather report etc., can be fetched in to Google Spreadsheet using in built function IMPORTXML. This fetched the data from a URL, based on XML Path. This is very handy in scrapping data from website and have them updated in real time. However this can not be used in large volume in the same Spreadsheet, or else it gives error. If the data on website is in arranged format, then there is good alternative of doing the same using IMPORTHTML, that imports table or list from a website.

Data Massaging or Data Cleaning in Google Sheet

Most of the time, raw data that you have, is not in the format you want. To get it in your desired format, data needs to be massaged or cleaned. Google Spreadsheet is very helpful in this. If the amount of data is small, and calculations needed for cleanig is not very complicated, then it is achieved just by using In-built formulas. In case data volume is large or calculation is complicated, then Data cleaning is done using Google APps Script, where the script reads the data, do the scrubbing, and paste back the data in the destination sheet.

Emailing Certificate based on form data

This system has a Certificate template designed in Google SPreadsheet or Google Doc. There is a google form (or can be other form) that takes input from user. This input gets stored in Google Spreadsheet and also the template gets populated with the form data. This certificate is then emailed to the user, based on email ID that was submitted in the form. The format emailed is PDF. This certificate can also get stored in Google Drive. Advanced version of this can be, different certificate templates, and once gets selected based on form input.

Auto-fill all Insurance Form in Google Spreadsheet

For companies that deals in Insurance claim, mainly in USA, there are too many forms that need to be filled up like QME 122, QME 110 etc. There are also same data that need to be filled in multiple form. It is time consuming. In this system, all the forms are designed in Google Spreadsheet and all raw data like name, age, date of injury, law firm etc. are collected at one plac using a form or manual data entry. Once this is done, all other forms gets auto populated which then can be downloaded as PDF and used officially.

User Dashboard for Multi Level Marketing

In multi level marketing, you have multiple users, and their referrals and teams, they earn points and request for withdrawal of their points etc. If you are not looking to spend a heavy amount in developing an application, Google Spreadsheet combined with Google Apps Script is their for you. All the data gets stored in properly structured Google Sheet. Every user gets their login and password, that takes them to a well designed HTML based Dashboard. There they can see all detailes about their account like earnings, available, withdrawals etc.

Google Docs to Email using Google Apps Script

This is a tool for those who attends or conduct numerous meetings and need to share the details of meetings on email. So you can type all the details in Google Doc, and use all kind of rich text like bold, italics, images etc. Once done, you can click a button, it will ask you for Email ID and the entire body of the Doc will be sent as Email, with same Design. This is also useful when you want to share some info in exact design, like Google Doc can have COmpany Letter Head, and whatever you want to send on letterhead, you can use this system.

Fetch Gmail Inbox Data to Google Spreadsheet

Use case of this tool is many. One Example is you want to collect all the bills that you have recieved in your Gmail Account. This system will fetch all detaiols like sender name, sender Email, Date, body content and attachment. Attachments gets stored in Google Drive and link of the stored file is placed along with the details. This can be also taken to very advanced level, like applying certain Labels based on conditon, or removing labels, moving emails from one category to another etc.

Food Temperature Recording System in Google Spreadsheet

In some part of the world, it is necessary to record edible Item's temperature at regular intervals in Restaurants and other places that have Edible items. Recording them on paper is a complicated task, and then putting them up on Government approved Format. This system handles them all. It has a Google Form that has list of all edible items in inventory. Any one can open the form and select an item and record temperature. Time of recording, gets automatically captured. The output is a printable PDF, in desired format.

Store text from image in Google Spreadsheet

If you have many images or PDF's of invoices and you want to make a spreadsheet of the data, this system is very handy. It takes an image as Input, uses the OCR technology to convert the image into text, operate on the text to get the desired value and stores in Google Spreadsheet. This is possible not only with invoices but many other things as well, like storing documents, work order, or even converting a page of text in image format, to actually editable text. Once it is converted to text, then it can be operated with all kinds of operation like mathematical etc.

Generating QR Code from Google Spreadsheet

You can now print individual or a bulk QR Code, using your data in Google Spreadsheet. You need to store all raw data like item name, price, SKU etc. The system runs a code that converts the required data into a QR code, or if needed, a bar code. This systejm can be extended, to have multiple QR codes on one page, that can then be taken printout on adhesive paper and used as stickers. Since the QR code is generated from Spreadsheet, you can also store the date and quantity that was generated, in the same Spreadsheet.

HR Analytics Tool using Google Spreadsheet

This is specific to business, and changes from company to company. It has data of al employees at one place with their personal data like Salary, Date of joining etc. Every leaves, bonus, deduction etc. are added in a predefined table, as and when needed. There is a main dashbaord, that gives option to select different teams, date ranges, and see what are the performance of the teams. This can be extended to add a function where a particular report can be emailed to concerned Manager with a click of button.

Real Estate CRM in Google Spreadsheet

Real Estate business always includes multiple steps and multiplpe data points. It is difficult to arrange them and use them efficiently. This Google Spreadsheet based CRM manages everything that takes place in a Real Estate Business. Some of the functions are: Creting Leads, Editing leads, sending in-house emails, sending emails to clients, generating contracts, setting up calendar events, generating reports. It has feature to send email to client, asking for Testimonial for the company. It also shows all the property on a Google MAP.

Meal Planner using Google Spreadsheet

This is created for a GYM, who gives proper diest plan to all users. This has a data base of different food items that can be consumed in a meal. For each user, it is decided what is metabolic rate, and how much calorie, carbs or fat should be consumed. Based on number of meals in a day, the system suggests what are the different combination of food items you can have in your meal and in what quantity. With just a click of button, it also gets emailed to the user in proper PDF format, that she/he can take printout of.

GRE/GMAT Study Planner using Google Spreadsheet

For exam like GRE and GMAT, it has fixed number of topics and in most cases, preparation is time bound. In this case, having a proper schedule is very helpful. This planner tracks what all topics you have studied and what are the topics that you are lagging back as per the schedule. It has separate schedule for English, Maths and Mock tests. In case you get left behind for some reason, it is easy to re-generate the schedule and follow it. This can also be used by teachers to track the students performance centrally.

Central Dashboard for Companies

When a company has too many employees, and too many tools to use, it is good to organize all the tools at one place and decide the access level. This tool does exactly that. In a Google Spreadsheet backend, list of all the Apps and Tools are created and assigned who should have access to whcih tool. When a user opens this dashbaord, system detects the email user and only show those Apps that he has been granted access to. This reduces the mis-use of tools and also helps every individual save time.

Social Media Content Tracker using Google Spreadsheet

With multiple channels of social media, and each needing some content frequenetly, it is good to have a schedule and record of what was posted on which channel. This helps in better planning and better execution. And also helps in regular analysis of what is working and what is not. This system does that for you. It has a record of all content that were posted on any social media. The Dashboard sheet shows the summary of count and platform based on selection from dropdown. This can also be emailed with a click.

Populating Google Doc Template

A template of certificate, or agreement, or any Document can be easily created in Gogle Docs, with placeholders. These placeholders are then recorded in Google Spreadsheet. Amanual entry or google form enables collection of data. These data is then used to replace the placeholder and complete the document. This is very handy when same document need to be created again and agian. This can be extended to saving in Google drive, creating PDF, or even emailing this to an email ID. There is no limitation on length and number of pages.

Students Record in Google Spreadsheet

This template can be used to generate Identity Card of students. All details that are needed, is stored in a sheet. At another place, design is created for the card. One drop down with list of all students is created. When you select a particular student from the dropdown, all the details of that particular gets populated in the card. This card can be emailed, saved as PDF or stored in Google Drive. Same thing can be repeated also for certificate, when one particular certificate is to be created for multiple students.