Success is what others say about you

Andrew Whalen
CEO,, Lexington, KY, USA

Working with Shahbaz on some data sheets for my company, has been an enjoyable and smooth project. I never imagined that someone could turn spreadsheets into a work of art.

David Harrison
Founder, Bewise LLC, USA

Shahbaz, understood what I was attempting to accomplish better then I did. Many people just do what they are told, but Shahbaz owns the project and injects his talents and skills into it to produce something better than you actually asked for.

Jackie Pearson, Utah, USA

I have been working with Shahbaz for long time. He has transformed our contract processing department with the development of a spreadsheet through Google. If you have an idea on how you want things done- Shahbaz can make it happen.​

Murray Gray
Co-Founder, , CA, USA

Shahbaz is a Google Sheets ninja. He made my Sheets document do things even the paid tools couldn’t compete with. It’s revolutionized my business — and my entire team love being able to organize their work day using Shahbaz’s solution.

Lance L.
Director of Sales,, CA, USA

I wanted a quote system that would streamline the old way that we had been using, and at the same time improve the look and functionality of our customer's quotes. The result was more than I could have hoped for.